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Comprehensive apparatus for physics teaching

Designed by experienced educators & engineers

Open configuration to promote hands-on skills

Modular systems with interchangeable parts

Detailed experimental instruction/user manuals

Recognized by colleges & universities worldwide


Lambda Scientific Systems, Inc specializes in developing and marketing scientific instruments and laboratory apparatus designed and manufactured for experimental education in physics at colleges and universities. Another branch of our products covers spectroscopic instruments for analytical chemistry in a variety of application fields.


We are one of the global leading suppliers of high-quality, reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable scientific instruments and experimental apparatus to college educators and students for their teaching and learning of both fundamental and advanced physics principles through hands-on experiments and comprehensive instruction materials. Our products cover an extensive range of physics experimental apparatus, spectrometers, as well as laboratory light sources and opto-mechanical components. Most essential items for setting up or upgrading a physics lab can be found from our product portfolio.




New products have been added to our product portfolio to cover Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Advanced Physics lab teaching. For more information, please visit


We are looking for distributors to promote our products in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Please contact us at for details.